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Hap Lte first install help

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Hap Lte first install help

I have installed AREDN firmware on one or two Hap lite units in the past few years and am now trying to load firmware on two others. I followed the instructions in "How Too" to the point that the node accepted the firmware from Tiny PXE and all looked good. The red LED on the Hap was on and I received the appropriate messages on PXE so I thought I was ok. The instructions say I should be able to "ping" but I am not able to. Doing an ipconfig does not show a Default Gateway of that IP. My computer is on I started out with an IP of but changed it back to auto IP and again to

Should I disconnect the power from hap HAP and start over? The instructions do not give me a clue what to do next. Yes, I cleared cash on Chrome, unplugged the cable from the computer to allow an IP assignment but nothing seems to work for me today. I have powered down the switch, restarted the computer as well as replaced cables.

System is:
Win 10 computer
Linksys switch (have tried other switches)
WiFi off
Switch only connected to HAP and computer
I did receive the network window from the right side of the screen indicating the computer recognized the HAP after the firmware upload. I selected "YES"

Any help or direction is appreciated.

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After uploading the .elf file, did you move your network cable to one of the LAN ports (2-4)?  It's part of the procedure.  After booting the .elf image, should be pingable from any of those three ports.

Orv W6BI

Yes, moved cable to port 2

Yes, moved cable to port 2 and could not ping so moved to 3, same result. Was I supposed to boot the HAP after the .elf upload?

Kirby, KL7VK

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No!  Do not reboot the hAP

No!  Do not reboot the hAP after loading the .elf file.  That will put it right back where you started.

Maybe I should start over? I

Maybe I should start over? I don't think I missed a step from the "How To" guide as the .elf download worked as usual but I quit when I could not ping the If it wont brick the HAP I can try to start over?

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Yes, you need to start over. 

Yes, you need to start over.  Loading the .elf file is a temp files into RAM only.  If you reboot before loading the "permanent" file, it goes right back to what it had before the TFTP upload.  You MUST upload the permanent file after uploading the .elf file.  Here are the instructions I have used on every Mikrotik device and as long as I follow the directions, it NEVER fails.

Thank you. I will give it a

Thank you. I will give it a try tomorrow morning and will let you know the result. Oh, forgot. The HAP has been turned on since I started and I am now going to remove power and restart. Once it restarts it reverts back to original status?
Best 73,
Kirby, KL7vk

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If it only has the .elf file,

If it only has the .elf file, that is correct.  It will lose anything you changed and revert back to what it was before upon reboot.

Well, tried the P-P

Well, tried the P-P presentation without success. That is the procedure I used. The thing that is odd is when the .elf file is loaded I do not see the Windows notice that I am connected to an unknown network as I have in the past. That tells me that the HAP has not obtained an IP, right? The other oddity is the red LED turns on for a few minutes but then goes out. 

I receive the "DoRead" notice in the PXE window so guess that part is OK.

I have two HAP lte s and both have the same problem, or I have the same problem!

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I always use a switch in

I always use a switch in between the computer and the device being flashed.  That is entirely for the benefit of the computer and has nothing to do with the device being flashed.  What it does is keep the computer Ethernet connection live so Windows does not attempt to change something when the port comes up and down several times during the flashing process.
BTW, VERY IMPORTANT.  Make sure you are using a switch and not something that can operate as a DHCP server (such as that spare router you have laying around).

K6CCC, Jim, I am using a

K6CCC, Jim, I am using a Netgear GS105 switch but have used two other Lynksis switches with same result.

My latest attempt:  After sending the .elf file to the node I noticed the node did not have the IP as stated in the instructions. I removed the computer cable from the switch to see if the computer would assign an IP but after the red LED went out I did an ipconfig and the IP was that of the factory setting, So conclusion is that the TFTP process is not working for some reason. I can feel the "reset" switch fully depressed while doing the TFTP process. I think this is too difficult for me and I dont have anyone close by so will wait and do more research.

Thank you all for your input. Best 73,

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Install firmware video

More information about how to install Aredn firmware.

I hope this helps

The following is provided to

The following is provided to close out this thread.
First, I want to think everyone that offered a solution to the problem I had of not being able to load AREDN firmware on a new HAP Lite AC.
The problem was twofold, my lack of recent experience flashing a HAP AC and the HAP AC I received was not what was ordered; however, I was able to finally flash the HAP with both AREDN factory firmware and sys.upgrade firmware.
After the upgrade I saw the fatal indicator above the node header , UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE. I further noticed that on the basic setup page I was unable to select channel -2 or -1. About that time I received a call from a friend of mine that is an IT Guru and suggested to him that I think I have the wrong item. At his request we checked the HAP Lite p/n looking for a 952 in the description. The box indicated it was indeed a 952 BUT the item was a 951. Even though they look like my older HAP Lite they were not. My Guru agreed I had the wrong HAP.
Lesson learned is always verify part numbers! The units are being returned and I reordered two new with a not to verify the part numbers.
Thank you again for the helpful suggestions and best 73, Be safe

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That will do it!  Glad you

That will do it!  Glad you got it figured out.

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