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hAP AC Lite - Excessive DNS Requests

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hAP AC Lite - Excessive DNS Requests

I am running a MicroTik hAP AC Lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC-US) with the latest recommended AREDN release on a Ubuntu box. While the node functions, the network monitoring folks where I work are telling me that this box is making over 27k DNS requests to Google's DNS server per hour. Originally I thought it was because I had left the browser up in the "Update Node Status" mode, but now I'm not so sure.  It was also connected to a short (20 mile) tunnel. We are re-flashing the hAP now, just in case I had a bad firmware install. Is there anything else I should look at or try?

Rich, KY6O


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do you have "Allow others to
do you have "Allow others to use my WAN" setting enabled?
If so, perhaps EVERYONE on your mesh is checking google DNS via your connection.

Thanks, but nope!

That was a good thought, but sadly, I do not have "Allow others to use my WAN" enabled.

To further confuse the issue, the networking people here said the DNS flood I was creating abruptly ceased at 7 am Saturday morning.

If this continues, I'll reformat the workstation with something other than Ubuntu. Note: I did this. Tumbleweed is much quicker on my aging Dell 9060 workstation.

Update: Two days later, with the mesh running full time, still no reports of issues from my network folks. I did have a pending SNAP update to Firefox yesterday, but that was easily installed.

Final update: Things appear to be stable. If this problem pops up again, I'll re-open this posting.

* Closed 8/4/22 *

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