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GL.inet AR300Mxx

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GL.inet AR300Mxx

are the other variants of the AR300M16 i. e. without the "16", "shaddow", "light", "-Ext", etc. also working?
73 Manu

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The AR300 family is M16 and M16-Ext only

As far as I know the only GL-AR300 devices that currently work with AREDN are:

Not the regular GL-AR300 devices.

-Damon K9CQB

GL-AR300M series

Hi Damon,
I just ordered an AR300M (i. e. without the "16" but external antennas) which seems to be equipped with 16 MB nor flash AND 128 MB nand flash an it is said that one can boot it from either flashes selectively ->
I wiil try and look and see but can anybody possible know more details on this issue?
73 Manuel

Any success installing ARDEN

Any success installing ARDEN firmware to GL-AR300M -EXT equipped with 16 MB nor flash AND 128 MB nand flash?  I was having trouble selecting the 16MB flash and it was suggested to use uboot via uart.  I've soldered leads and have a USB to UART adapter, but I haven't figured out what software to use and how.  I know it says "not compatible", but if I have one, I'm gonna try.

Edit: found it,

Using uboot console

If you want to use uboot console, you need to open the case and solder the serial connectors.

Then you need to set up a tftp server.

in uboot console, the command to flash nor flash is run lf to flash nand firmware is run nlf


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