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GL.Inet AR-150 5 ghz version?

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GL.Inet AR-150 5 ghz version?
   I would like to know if there is a 5GHZ version of the AR-150?


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2.4 GHz only
No - all models are 2.4 GHz only.  See the Specifications at the bottom of this page:
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   I am looking for a model
   I am looking for a model that has the same feature via USB that is using 5GHZ??
Latest 5ghz node list

One way to check for AREDN-supported radios is to use the handy spreadsheet prepared by Andre K6AH. You can find the spreadsheet link here:
Sort the list to show only the 5 GHz radios by clicking the column dropdown and deselecting all other bands.


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Not Gl.inet
While the Gl.inet AR750 is a 5 GHz device, it's an 802.11ac chipset, and the AREDN software doesn't support it in mesh mode yet.

Orv W6BI

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