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Yuma Hamfest

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Yuma Hamfest

Thanks to all who attended my Yuma Hamfest presentation yesterday.  Here are a couple of links I promised you:

Device Selection Spreadsheet: ​


Andre, K6AH

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Non-google location please?

Would it please be possible to also post this spreadsheet to a non-Google download location (Google requires sign-in) such as at as well? It always seems better to remove as many speed-bumbs or deflectors when distributing important information such as this. (And, it's no surprise that some folks have become less than totally enamored with Google).

Thanks for creating this. I attended the Yuma 2020 presentation and very much enjoyed speaking with you personally then.

- Don - AA7AU

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New Device Selection Chart Page
You can now download Andre's device selection chart from this page

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