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GL-iNET AR 150 ports - post AREDN migration

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GL-iNET AR 150 ports - post AREDN migration

I have recently migrated four GL-iNET AR 150 units to AREDN.  Can anyone advise on the following:

What does the WAN port become (LAN, WAN, other)?
Does the switch retain any functionality?  If so, what is function?

Thank you in advance.



AR150 port info

There's some info on the Ethernet ports for GL iNet AR150 here.  Hope this helps.  73

Regarding the port

Regarding the port configuration on the GL iNET AR150

there is any option to change the WAN port on the GL iNET AR150 to become to LAN?

As a part of my deployment maybe very usefull to conect on the LAN port a VoIP telephone and on the WAN port a laptop. I'm deploying a gobox suitcase with a telephone and a RJ45 to connect the laptop. Please see picture attached

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In firmware/software anything

In firmware/software anything is possible.  However, the setup options in the AREDN UI do not currently have the capability to re-assign the port designations.  With know-how, one could hack the config files to do this, but then would not be able to use the AREDN UI to change further settings (would over-write any custom config settings).    A couple of options:

A) use an hAP ac lite with 3-LAN ports
B) add an external (dumb) switch to extend the LAN ports


Thank you.  That link was

Thank you.  That link was what I needed.

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