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Getting NW Ohio on the map

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Getting NW Ohio on the map

Hello all,

  I just became familiar with AREDN and watched the Ham Radio Now video with Randy Smith, WU2S. I'm hoping to stimulate interest in the local community. Our closest AREDN nodes look like one near Marysville, one near Troy and another in or near Perrysburg. If there are any Hams in the local community who are just becoming interested in this project and would be interested in collaborating and putting Lima/ Allen County on the map, please contact me.


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Hi John,
Several of us in the Seneca and Sandusky County areas are working with the AREDN MESH.  We'd be happy to offer and help that we can.


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West Central Ohio (one near Troy)

Hi, Jon:

In West Central Ohio (Greene, Montgomery, and Miami Counties) we have 42 active nodes incorporating 26 RF connected nodes.
The remaining nodes are among services or tunnel or active (installed) trunk links awaiting the installation of a linking neighbor.
Services include many ftp/file/http servers, 3 PBX servers, 10+ mesh IP phones(+softphones), 8+ chat room servers, 10+ cameras,
Meshmap, ADS-B mapping, BPQNODE, NTP, ...

You can view a live mesh map (updated hourly) here:

If you would like to have a tunnel available to temporarily link into our network to be used for reference or to use during a presentation to a club or group of prospective meshers please contact me. I think my addy at is valid.

More information here:

I hope this helps, Chuck nc8q

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