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Getting NW Ohio on the map

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Getting NW Ohio on the map

Hello all,

  I just became familiar with AREDN and watched the Ham Radio Now video with Randy Smith, WU2S. I'm hoping to stimulate interest in the local community. Our closest AREDN nodes look like one near Marysville, one near Troy and another in or near Perrysburg. If there are any Hams in the local community who are just becoming interested in this project and would be interested in collaborating and putting Lima/ Allen County on the map, please contact me.


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Hi John,
Several of us in the Seneca and Sandusky County areas are working with the AREDN MESH.  We'd be happy to offer and help that we can.

Wood County

We are experimenting with AREDN. About 6 or 7 club members are still testing and learning.

As of 10/30//2022  we have several Mikrotik Mantboxes on line in and around Bowling  Green in operation. Five or six are installed on towers or buildings and more are parts of go-boxes still under construction or in the testing phase. We hope to cover most of BG and maybe the surrounding area. Big learning curve!

03/05/2023 - For the last few weeks we now have about 40 active nodes in about five counties in NW Ohio. One camera is looking at the intersection of US-6 and I-75. Work is progressing on a PBX system. Additional fixed nodes are in the planning stages and several portable or mobile go-boxes are ready to test.


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