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Editting map data

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Editting map data

Is there a way to edit the node data on the map?

My node data is out of date.  Some need deleted or changed.


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Updating map data

Simply resubmit it.

Editing map

I did resubmit, but how does that delete a node that was replaced?

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Removing a node from the AREDN map

If you wish to remove your node location from the public mapping service, simply clear/erase your lat/lon values, "Apply Location Settings", and then "Upload Data to AREDN Servers".

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if possible, when planning to

if possible, when planning to replace a node, clear the lat/lon values and submit.  That will remove it from the map.
In cases where the node fails and you want to delete it from the map, email the node name and MAC address to me at and I'll remove it.



I tried to email the address above and it was returned.  I need help removing "K1DOS-1" from the map.  I forget which device I used to upload the data and have been unsuccessful removing/updating this node on the map.  I no longer have this node online.

Thanks in advance.

Respectfully, Hank

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Hi Hank,

Hi Hank,
I'll remove it.   (K1DOS-1)

Check this map

If you have lat, Lon, and your gridsquare this will pick you up and show links.

Keith - AI6BX

no internet on node how submit

I have my lat/long/gridsquare manually entered on my node. But I don't have an active internet connection. Is their a way to submit my node to the map?

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