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DtD issue on hAP?

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DtD issue on hAP?

My hAP is putting out power on its port 5, but apparently not making a DtD connection. Any idea what could cause this? 

This CPE510 
should have a direct neighbor DtD connection to the hAP that powers it.

I also tested it with a Nanostation, so I think the problem is with the hAP. Any ideas? It seems to be working fine in every other way. Support data attached.

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DTD issue on hAP?

What version Firmware on all devices? 

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What voltage and current

What voltage and current capacity are you feeding to the hAP?  My two hAPs came with different power supplies.  Both are 24 volts, but one can barely handle the current requirement of the hAP - let alone a downstream device.


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What voltage and current

@K6CCC That's news to me regarding the HAP Power supplies.  Everything I have is 24v @1.2A  Can you tell us more specifics on the "smaller" HAP power supplies you have seen?  Did they possibly come with some of the new "black" form factor units?? Are you sure you have the right model HAP?  We recently had a user load up a HAP Single Band model unit that did work after a fashion.

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Nope, my two hAPs were bought

Nope, my two hAPs were bought just a couple months apart three years ago.  Both are the same model and both are working on AREDN just fine.  One of them came with a 500mA (if I remember it right).  The smaller supply is about a one inch cube, and the other one is roughly double that size.  I use the smaller supply on the secondary hAP that normally only has a 5GHz part 15 AP and a DtD link active.

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HAP Power supply

@K6CCC - Interesting.  Maybe you can take a closer look and possibly a picture of that unit.  I also have 2 "styles" of HAP supplies.  The current one that I am looking at is INPUT: 100-240v 50/60Hz .8a | OUTPUT: 24V 1200mA  Dimensions roughly 1-1/8" High x 1-5/8" Wide x 2-3/4" Long (corrected).  It came with the White (old style) hAP ac lite RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US model.

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RB952Ui-5ac-2nD-lite power supply

Image of my hAP lite attached.
Aspect was changed when the original image was reduced to 600 pixels.
The original image was tall and narrow.

Image Attachments: 
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reminder: POE approximately 2 V below input voltage

Don't know if this applies, but it's a good reminder (took me awhile to find it again after all that time) ...
According to Joe in 2019, from the mfg  guide:
"The Ether5 port supports PoE output for powering other RouterBOARD devices. The port has auto detection feature, so you can connect Laptops and other non-PoE devices without damaging them. The PoE on Ether5 outputs approximately 2 V below input voltage, and supports up to 0.58A (So provided 24 V PSU will provide 22V/0.58 A output to the Ether5 PoE port). "

- Don - AA7AU

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