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DNS bug at 3.22.12?

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DNS bug at 3.22.12?

This thread points to a DNS bug based on some basic testing. In my case for sure with a Microtik Router Board. Looking the the below thead other models and type perhaps also?

My last post on the above thread:

"I did more testing just upgrading my MicroTik Router Board to 3.22.6 and then to 3.22.8 from 3.22.1 and DNS worked fine while resolving the DtD connected Nanostation and RF connected Rocket (Nanostation to Rocket) I left the Nanostation and Rocket at 3.22.1 and only was upgrading the Router Board.

Once again when I upgrade the Router Board to 3.22.12 the DNS issue started again, I could resolve the rocket or the Nanostation but never both. Seems like rebooting would flip things some times. Upgrading the the latest Nightly Build I see the same effect (DNS doesn't work right as with 3.22.12). Downgrading back to 3.22.8 all is fine again and no issues.  So for sure some sort of bug with 3.22.12 and above."
this may fix your issue

Not sure about your specific network but it's possible that this code PR will fix your issue.  It's available for testing in Nightly Build 2331 and newer.

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I will test the Nightly Build 2331
 I will test using this one: aredn-2331-111858e-ipq40xx-mikrotik-mikrotik_hap-ac2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

Will let you know. Thank you NG1P Bill
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Is this on a very small stand

Is this on a very small stand alone network - only a few nodes that never change connectivity?
If yes, see AB7PA's note above about nightly 2331.

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Nightly Build 2331
Correction I used this version for my RouterBoard aredn-2331-111858e-ath79-mikrotik-mikrotik_routerboard-952ui-5ac2nd-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

So far it seems to be working better with the exception of not being able to route/ping to the MESH RF IP address on the Routerboard. localnode.local.mesh gets me in but if I use the hostname as assigned it resolves correctly but no path to that IP from the local Routerboard.

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Nightly Build 2331
I "rest to Firstboot" as offered in Advanced Configuration. Once I did a full reset and configured my wlan1 now shows up ding a ifconfig from the command line and all is working as it should. Seems like a good fix.. DNS is working (all devices) and now I can get to the IP address on the RF side. I think this is a good upgrade.

Thank you Bill NG1P
DNS bug Ver. 3.22.12

I'm new to the AREDN system. My current setup here on the table are two Microtik hASP, two TP-Link CPE510 Ver 3. , a Linux computer and a Raspberry 3.
I flashed the Mikrotik and TP Link devices with Ver 3.22.12 and found that the DNS is not working. In the "Mesh Status" and the "Neighbor Status" I saw the IP addresse instead of the Node names. I got a tip and downsized the Mikrotik to Version 3.22.8 and it was working. 
I spent the last three day's to setup MeshChat on the Raspberry and one of the TP-Link nodes. It was not working. Today I saw that the Neighbor Status of the CPE510 showed the IP address of the Mikrotik instead of the name. I downsized the firmware of the TP-Link to 3.22.8 and now also MeshChat is working and synchronize with the CPE510.
There is definitely an issue with the DNS resolution in Ver. 3.22.12., with Ver. 3.22.8 it is working.
73 de DL7ATR

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DNS issue
I'm pretty sure the issue you are reporting was fixed in one of the latest nightly builds.  Try that and report results.

Orv W6BI
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Regular Stable release cycle please?

EDIT: comment deleted and moved to new thread here:

- Don / AA7AU

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DNS Bug in 3.22.12

I can confirm the observation by DL7ATR using two Nanostations MS5-XW.
My station for firmware testing is #1.

#2 running all the time works well with #1 when same firmware version
#1 running works well with #2
#1 changed to fails to work properly with #2, see footnote (A)
#1 changed to nightly 2496-211006b works ok with #1 but seems slower learning DNS information

(A): #1 shows the name of #2 on the mesh display page.
However, clicking the name of #2 leads to browser timeout, same when pinging using the ...local.mesh address leads to no response.
At the same time, the neighbour status page shows the IP network address of station #2, clicking the link here leads to #1 homepage.

Maybe firmware version could receive a side-note about this?
Does this version work differently (i.e. well) on other hardware?

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New production release
There have been over 85 changes to the code (via nightly builds) since was release - most are enhancements - a handful of bug fixes.  It's due out mid-month.  I suggest you wait until it's available, upgrade and see if your results change.  

Orv W6BI
Im guessing im fighting the same bug
Computer LAN > hAP1 2.4mesh > hAP2 D2D PoE > M5 XW 5.8mesh > LHG HP5 LAN > Computer2

I think everything worked at first. WAN share even went all the way through but lately i see the neighbors in mesh status but the hostname will not resolve
If i reloaded the mesh status before the hostname propagates i can connect with IP directly
Randomly on network reboots a hostname will resolve.
I see that this may be resolved in the nightlys and if i get around to installing the latest before the next release i will report back.

Is there a way to see the IP on mesh status and not the hostname?

Thanks for all the hard work guys!


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