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Distance slider not completely displaying

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Distance slider not completely displaying
I had seen this earlier on a TP-Link CP210, but hadn't pursued it.  This is on a NSM2.  Both are running released firmware (
This is using Firefox 48.0.1 on Fedora Linux 24 / Plasma.

I believe I've seen screenshots where the slider has a marker you can grab and slide.  I've verified it's there as I can change the distance setting; it's just not displaying.

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Distance Slider is "Greyed Out - But it Works"
In all cases where I've experienced in all of the browsers that I use - the distance slider is "there" but it's very faint - but it does work.  Sure would like an easy way to be able to type in the distance number.
Distance of 0 (Zero) does not work, minimum seems to be 1 KM
With on NSM2, Rocket M2, Bullet M2:
I think the documentation says/implies a distance of 0 (Zero) should work as "automatic" (?).
But the configuration will not save with it set to 0 (Zero).
The slider will not let me set it to anything less that 1000 Meters.
All seems to work, but is this correct behavior?
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Automatic mode was removed as
Automatic mode was removed as it did not function as expected. 

From the help file:
The Distance setting adjusts the packet retry timer to account for stations that are very far away, presumably about 300 meters or more. The value should be set to the distance in meters to the farthest node that you expect to communicate with. Change the distance value by moving the slider. Distance values will be in multiples of 1000 meters (approximately 0.62 miles). A value of zero is not allowed.

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