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Devices change Node Type

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Devices change Node Type
I have a NanoBridge M5 and a Bullet M2 that have both changed their node type.  They are both flashed with
On the Status page, at the top, they say Node Type: Mesh Node.  But, in the WiFi section they say Mode: Access Point.  The LAN section says NAT and the WAN section says Static.
Why has it changed from a Mesh Node to an Access Point?
Gary  AC7R
Can you please attach a
Can you please attach a support data file? This file can be obtained from Setup > Administration. > Download Support data.  Also a screenshot of what your seeing may be useful as well.
Screenshot attached

I have attached the screenshot.  I will have to go to the site today to get the file download.
Gary  AC7R

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Do capture the support
Do capture the support download before doing anything so we have a record of the current state and can better understand the issue for others to avoid in   

This is already "fixed" in the next release (we removed Node Type and Mode options :) ).  There probably isn't justification to create a full patch release in for this.   It may be sufficient to capture the most efficient step to recover  for anyone in the future that runs into this.  When you look to recover, which option is the first to work for you?:

A) try the "Default Values" option, to get everything slectable and back to your configuration.
B) play with current setting combinations, maybe another path. Choose something other than "Mesh Mode". then jump back. 
C) anything else anyone can think of before the last resort?:
D) hold the reset button for ~15 seconds to reset to first boot -- then setup again.

One node fixed

The node with the Bullet has been fixed.  I used option A, by clicking the Default Values button.  I changed the distance, bandwidth and channel and rebooted.  It seems to be alive again.
I forgot to download the support files before I changed it.  Sorry.
I used option B on the NBM5 node several days ago.  Since it was saying it was an Access Point, I changed the Node Type to Mesh Access Point.  After a Reboot, I can see it in a WiFi Scan as AP, but I cannot connect to it.  When I wire directly to it, I cannot talk to it.
How should I talk to this node that is now an Access Point, so I can change it back to a Mesh Node?
Gary  AC7R

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Gary, probably need to figure
Gary, probably need to figure out the IP address and use port 8080 to access it still.  It's been too long since I've tried this mode... other's may recall the configuration.   Might be faster to hold the reset button for 15 seconds to get back to first boot and re-setup.
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I have seen this
I have seen this on a node recently.  I performed either a "reset values" or "default values" in the setup section and then re-entered the settings that I needed. this was done on a node 60 miles away remotely over the MESH network.  It remained connected to the node and I was able to enter the information that I needed, saved and rebooted the node.  If you are doing this over an RF connection, be sure to get the channel, bandwidth and SSID set correctly to match your system.

All was well.  I can't determine what may have happened to get the node in that condition, but the above procedure was successful for recovery.


Last Friday I went to the site.  Since the last unit that was in the Access Point state was a NanoBridge, which is hard to disassemble to get to the Reset button, I was expecting to do a Reset-over-the-wire, with a Ubiquiti POE.  This is a solar powered site.  So I brought along a small battery and an inverter to power the POE.
However, I did not need this special hardware setup.  After power on, it was talking to me at the localnode webpage.  I clicked the Default Values button, changed a few settings and Saved.  The first saving would not work because the WiFi address had been changed to  I set it to what I thought it was, Saved and Rebooted, then it was alive again as a Mesh Node.  This node is now usable.  I have since given it the correct WiFi IP address and moved the power up to the maximum.
So I was able to save this node, just like the other one, by clicking the Default Values button.
Gary  AC7R

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