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Daisy chaining (DtD) nodes and hAP AC Lite

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Daisy chaining (DtD) nodes and hAP AC Lite

I recently flashed my hAP AC Lite with the AREDN firmware. My configuration is as follows: hAP (port 5) > NSM5 XW > NBM5. Since the flash to AREDN firmware I can only access the hAP and the NSM, I can no longer access the NBM node. It shows up as a neighbor of and DtD linked to the NSM, but when I click the address link it just times out.

I'm guessing my settings are wrong somewhere. Perhaps I need to disable or change DHCP settings on one, two or all of the nodes? Or do I need to use static addressing and/or NAT?

I was able to access both nodes when the hAP was running the stock Mikrotik RouterOS firmware.

I learned early on that I could not daisy chain both these nodes off the hAP and power them with a single PoE device, so the hAP is currently powered off its included psu or a network swtich and the two nodes are powered of a PoE injector.

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KJ6EZE,  I'm guessing you are
KJ6EZE,  I'm guessing you are running on the NSM5 XW.   Sorry, some code was accidently left out in this release due to the transition to the newer ath79 build targets for this device.   The symptoms you are seeing can be explained by this missing code :(.   There is a patch in the nightly build images that put the necessary code back in and very soon in a point release coming out.  Upgrade to nightly build images will solve the problem.

That was it! Thank you so
That was it! Thank you so much.

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