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"Charts" button functionality in

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"Charts" button functionality in

      After installing, I saw something that I haven't seen with older official releases:  if the node is receiving no signals over RF/cannot establish a link to another node on its assigned channel and channel width  [I can't tell which of these two is the case], the "Charts" button doesn't show up (even though the node can see nodes with the same channel width on other channels in WiFi Scan) and instead it says "no RF links". 

     Which is kind of a pain when you are first trying to aim a node or doing signal surveys.  WiFi Scan takes too long to refresh when trying to sniff out whether one can hear node on the same channel, or when trying to get a good SNR from a node by repositioning.   So I rely on Charts to see if I am hearing anything from a node (whether or not a link can be established) and when trying to optimize the connection.

     Could we please have an option to get into the Charts display whether or not any RF links have been established?
      Charles  W1ZPB

Fix submitted

A fix for this issue was just submitted to the code.  Once approved it will be available in the next Nightly Build.  THX

Much appreciated!

Thanks.   If I need to do a signal survey before the next official release I'll snag the nightly available at the time.

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