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Can't navigate using Tunnel

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Can't navigate using Tunnel

Hello folks,
I had a working tunnel (client) on a hAP Lite.  Then all of a sudden it stopped working.  The tunnel still connects me to the tunnel server, the cloud icon shows I"m connected, and I can navigate and see services hosted on my immediate neighbor node.  A full mesh status page appears, either from my node or the one that is providing the tunnel to me.

However, all the links from there further don't work.  I can't look at any remote nodes, and cannot open any services on remote nodes.  These are all areas I could navigate to and use before.

The provider of the tunnel is very capable, and has others with working connections.  We can't figure out what's the issue.  Any ideas?



I can navigate to my current neighbor (the tunnel server) but not to any Remote Nodes.

Does anyone want to see the Support Data to troubleshoot, or is this not relevant?



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What versions? Equipment?

What version firmware and equipment involved? What changed?

MikroTik RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD (hAP ac lite)

New tunnel as previous server went away.  Worked fine for a few days then symptoms as described above.  Several nightly builds applied for the heck of it didn't fix anything.  When I click a node or a service, a new window opens like it should, but nothing appears and the browser times out.


Well folks, it's fixed as of

Well folks, it's fixed as of now.  I'm waiting for the tunnel server provider to tell me what happened.  If I can I'll share back here.
Thanks,  Ed

Can't navigate using tunnel - resolution?

Wonder what was found on the previous post about being unable to navigate across tunnel connections.

I have three MikroTik hAP lite routers, one is a tunnel server and two clients.  About a month ago I noticed I could not connect to the remote tunnel nodes even though I showed the tunnels active and VoIP and other traffic passes across with no problem.  All nodes are running the latest firmware.  Today I downgraded the server node to firmware version and everything works as expected. 

Is there a known bug in the firmware?  I've searched this thread and noticed multiple people reporting this but I don't see any resolution.

-Charles, K5CS

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By name or IP?

Were you trying to access by node name or IP address?  I don't remember what versions have been affected, but there are some recent versions that have seen issues with node names not propagating properly.

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