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Can't access setup page on on Mikrotik LHG2

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Can't access setup page on on Mikrotik LHG2


I upgraded to on my Mikrotik LHG2 dish, and the upgrade appeared to go well. However, the next time (and every time since) that I wanted to go into Setup mode, when I log in with the root username and my password, I get the "Bad Gateway" HTTP error for the /cgi-bin/setup page (as selected by the Setup button on the node's home page). It's not that I'm logged in incorrectly, as I can manually type the URL for /cgi-bin/admin and get the administrative page for downloading new images, and click from there to the tunnel administration pages, etc. But I can't use the toolbar to go to the Basic Setup page, because I get the same "Bad Gateway" error.

I presume there was some kind of accidental renaming or a typo in the updated Setup page that is causing this. Will there be another upgrade soon that will correct this issue?

Andrew, KA2DDO

Fixed in nightly build

This issue was fixed in the nightly build firmware.  You can download the latest code here:

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