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Canadian use of AREDN

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Canadian use of AREDN

I have made my first demo units using two GL iNet 150s.  It works really well and was very easy to set up.  I took a couple of photos of it and did a little report for our local club board.  One of the board members was adamant that it was totally illegal and I was breaking all the rules of amateur radio.

I do not want to make it personal but want to present the facts of the matter back to the club board.

It really did ruin my presentation but I do want to push on with a couple of larger units and start to build out from there but do need to counter this with facts.

Can anyone please send me in the right direction to counter this misinformation?

Cheers Scott
Salt Spring Island BC


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facts of the matter


 IMHO, facts will not dissaude an arrogant and willfully ignorant person from maliciously attacking others with false statements.
Perhaps work with other board members who are amenable to facts.
Item 23.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Chuck I had found that

Thanks Chuck I had found that exact page and went over it in detail and yes all the bands are there for our use. 


my suggestion


ask this board member to list the rules you're breaking, then address them one by one

Richard    ko0ooo

Yes good point Richard,  I

Yes good point Richard,  I will do that as part of my rebuttal

There are many nodes in

There are many nodes in Canada. AREDN respect the law as long as the operators use proper software/settings inside the mesh to ensure no encryption is passed over the mesh.

I have spoke with some IC inspectors about our mesh network usage and remote radio station operation to ensure we were operating lawfully. They were quite interested into the mesh part.

Like it has been reply earlier, ask more specifications about what is wrong and address the point. But be aware that older people not into technologies will be hard to convince.

thanks, I have been looking

thanks, I have been looking on the map at all the Canadian nodes and am glad to see its really starting to grow in Canada.  Yes good point about encryption. thanks VA2XJM

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