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802.11ac devices sitting around?

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802.11ac devices sitting around?

All,  I think I have extended channels working for 802.11ac devices up to 184, but no devices to test with (beyond an hap AC lite).   Here are some of the devices I'm looking to get my hands on to get this working (I need 2 to test end to end) for core long distant link devices.   If you have any of these to send and loan out, to get AREDN working on an 802.11ac device, please contact me:

RB921GS-5HPacD-15S  (Mikrotik mAntBox)
RB911G-5HPacD-NB  (Mikrotik NetBox)
RB922UAGS-5HPacD-NM  (Mikrotik NetMetal)
Ubiquiti Nanostation AC
Ubiquiti Nanobeam AC gen2
Ubiquiti Litebeam AC  gen2
Ubiquiti Powerbeam AC gen2
Ubiquiti LiteAP AC


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Would an LDF 5 AC RBLDFG-5acD

Would an LDF 5 AC RBLDFG-5acD be useful for this? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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KM6SLF,  Yes, but let's delay

KM6SLF,  Yes, but let's delay for the moment.   I currently have a Nanostation 5GHz AC and a Nanobridge AC gen2 to do the bulk of the work on (no one needs to send me these models.)   It will take a few weeks to get this functionality going.  Also, this will likely be with the 21.xx.y release of Openwrt in  the first of the year, jury still out.   Once these initial devices are working, then I'd welcome more devices.


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Then I'll hold onto it rather

Then I'll hold onto it rather than returning it. Sounds like you've got a full plate, but if you could take a look at this thread and let me know if you think it can be done I'd apprecaite it.

Progress on Ubiquiti AC developement

Just curious if you have been able to make any progress on the AC radios?  I just came across and Nanobeam AC and was curious if I could add it to my mesh. 

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ac devices

Hang on to them - support for them may be coming later this year (work in progress.

Orv W6BI

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I've acquired a LBE-5AC-Gen2

I have acquired a LBE-5AC-Gen2-US and I am happy to brick it test early AREDN firmwares on it ;-)

I have a single Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-19 you can barrow.

@AE6XE If you are still looking for hardware to test with I have 1 Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-19 you can barrow. I know you said you need two devices, but this is all I have for now.  If it will help just let me know and I will send it your way.

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