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I'm looking for portable, compact 10 port router, and came across this device. It looks like it uses the AR9344 CPU, and has the RAM and storage needed to support AREDN firmware.

Could this work as a node on its own? 

In my application, I would like to use this as described in this Google Doc

If this can be made to work that way, it would really simplify the project I'm working on. 
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KM6SLF,  this device can be
KM6SLF,  this device can be made to work with AREDN.  it would be an upgrade from the hap ac lite model -- more ports.   I can put this on the list, but other things happening right now, so unlikely to get to it until earliest in Jan.

joe AE6XE
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Good to know! I'll try to get
Good to know! I'll try to get a good deal on one in the meantime.

What would be involved in making it work? Would it accept the hap ac firmware, and if so, would the additional ports be automatically available as LAN ports? I wouldn't mind getting a look under the hood at the firmware and seeing if I can help.
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Joe, shall I mail you one of these?
I have one of these under my desk that I haven't even plugged in yet. Would you like me to send it to you?
-Damon K9CQB
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A local user has one.   Hang
A local user has one.   Hang on to yours for the moment.

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I'm having trouble executing
I'm having trouble executing the partial installation process we discussed. I'll take another crack at it today and will let you know exactly where it's getting hung up. 
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Max total out (A) 510 mA
Notes (2)
1. Seems to come with an 11 watt Euro style plug power supply. May need to get a suitable USA style PSU.
2. Max total out (A)    510 mA. Only enough pass-through power for 1 RF device.

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Thanks for the insights,

Thanks for the insights, Chuck. the limitation to 1 pass-through device shouldn't be a problem in my application. The device only specs port 10 as PoE out, anyway.

any update?
I know this is much much later than the original post date but is there any info on this? I am going to be picking up a version of this router that has no integrated antennas and am wondering how/if I can make this work 
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There has been no AREDN firmware for this device in the 3.6 years following the original post.
Creating AREDN firmware for discontinued hardware is unlikely.
I see no match in hardware so it is unlikely that firmware for a different Mikrotik device would work.
Even if it did boot from other AREDN firmware,
there would likely be no UI to configure a WAN or DtD or VLAN ports or radio.
model         cpu      switch    2GHz     5GHz
RB952 ac lite QCA9531  QCA9531   QCA9531  QCA9531
RBD52G ac2    IPQ-4018 IPQ-4018  IPQ-4018 IPQ-4018
RBD53iG ac3   IPQ-4019 IPQ-4019  IPQ-4019 IPQ-4019
RB2011        AR9344   AR8327    
RB3011        IPQ-8064 QCA8337
RB4011        AL21400  RTL8367SB
RB4022+       AL21400  RTL8367SB -        QCA9984 

If you need more than 3 LAN ports, plug a $9 8-port switch into the LAN port of a RB952Ui or RD52G, RD53iG.
If you need more than 9 LAN ports, plug a $20 16-port switch..........

73, Chuck

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