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5655 MHz channel 131 at 10 MHz bandwidth?

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5655 MHz channel 131 at 10 MHz bandwidth?

Power output seems to reduce above channel 175 (5875 MHz).
It would be nice to have 5655 MHz channel 131 at 10 MHz bandwidth available.



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Chuck,   I would expect the

Chuck,   I would expect the hardware filtering to tapper off in the higher 5Ghz channels.  Possibly different between models and/or manufactures.   Which device?

Ken KE2N measured the power response curve on a Rocket M3 device, and we see the power is reduced on the upper channels:

This measurement hasn't yet occurred with an M5.   Anyone have a failed Rocket M5 to send KE2N to rip out the filter?  Rockets are widely used and pulling the data would benefit many.

Best to add the channel 131@10Mhz enhancement request to:


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