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Has anyone around experienced any issues with PowerBeam M5's (in our case the 400's) and where after a period of time, they go offline for no apparently reason? 

The one time we were able to get onto a unit after it went down via a dtdlink and using an IP address that was a bridge from the dtd device, any command ran via ssh resulted in an out of memory error.

If you don't catch it right away, you have to power cycle it to come back online.

We have had 4 of these units now go sideways since came out.  We've backed down to to see if that cures the issue.

I hadn't seen any traffic regarding this but I figure we can't be the only ones with this issue...




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Force Ethernet Speed to 100Mbps

Out of the box these devices support 300Mbps throughput, so their Ethernet port runs 1000 Mbps.  You need to manually configure your node to not negotiate and force a 100Mbps connection. 

Andre, K6AH

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I had forced the EdgeRouter-X
I had forced the EdgeRouter-X its plugged into to run at 100Mbit since 3.17.something for a similar issue.    I've had 4 nodes now locally "croak" on, and I think they ran for the longest time OK using 3.18.

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I'm trying to recall, but I
I'm trying to recall, but I think the PBE M5 still needed the workaround, even though the switch it is plugged into was locked at 100Mbps.  (or at least it's not confirmed that only the switch side link rate settings can resolve the symptoms.)   

There's some guessing currently, if/when the device has symptoms in future, be sure to try and access through all methods,  LAN device, DtDLink, RF mesh and see if a support download can be obtained.   We could be off on a tangent and not know it...

My testing
In my testing both the switch and node need to be set to 100/Full with autonegotiate off. The problem exists in the node but the switch must match. The node will need the workaround reapplied after each upgrade/downgrade since the setting gets overwritten. I haven't seen any lockup issues with 3.19.3 since it came out on the 400's here. Do they recover after an hour or so or are they down for the count? Checked PoE voltage, power supply? Are they all at the same site or different? Has 3.18 mitigated the problem? Ian
I have 2 M5-300 units here in
I have 2 M5-300 units here in Anchorage and over the course of the last week or 10 days, each has lost its mind completely and I've had to physically restart each node.
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Do you have the workaround
Do you have the workaround applied on issue 165? 
Note: Haven't seen the need for the 165 workaround on the M5-300.

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