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HELP: Bullet2-H Firmware Question

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HELP: Bullet2-H Firmware Question
I purchased 3 Bullet M2 HP units off E-Bay.  The are older (Test Date 05/21/11) but in all respects appear to be new and in their original UBNT cartons.  The carton indicates AirOS Ver 3.5.  I've successfully logged into it an the firmware version is "XS2.ar2316.v3.5.4494.091109.1451".  Not surprisingly the UBoot test fails completely (Error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.  at aredn.Form1.ParseVersion(String ubString).  I don't see any indication for the board used.
Question:  can this unit be upgraded / converted to AREDN firmware?


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"M2" or "2"

Is the model identified as an M2 or simply 2?  I believe The XS OS supported the model 2 and when the "M" series was introduced it was supported by the "XM" OS.

Andre, K6AH


Much thanks for your response.  On closer inspection I see that the Bullet I pulled from the box is a model "Bullet2-H" however the second unit is a model "BM2-HP".  The third unit I've given to another ham so can't verify the model at time of writing.  Later this morning I will power up the BM2-HP and see what firmware is on it.

Are you saying that the *2H is a lost cause?

Ian VA3QT/W7
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"Are you saying that the *2H
"Are you saying that the *2H is a lost cause?"
yes.  non-"M" models are not supported due to not enough memory (and they are really old technology).

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