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Node Type field missing in setup page

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Node Type field missing in setup page
Hello AREDN. I've searched for anyone else having an issue with node configuration, specifically the setup page not showing the "Node Type" field. I see the field when looking at screenshots in the documentation, but that field is not present on my two nodes. These are NanoStation Loco M2 units with the XW chipset (that's what Amazon sent).

I've used this nightly build: AREDN-develop-172-69937359-ubnt-loco-m-xw-squashfs-factory.bin

The device seems to be fine other than the missing Node Type field. Ny two nodes can see each other and they are on the same channel (-2) but they show each other as foreign Ad-Hoc networks and will not mesh together.

I thought I might ssh in and edit the configuration files directly to enable mesh behavior, but my ssh public key is also rejected. I'll keep working on getting the public key accepted, as that may be the workaround for now.

I have a snapshot file saved from one of the nodes, but I don't see how to attach it here in the post.

Thanks for any insight and thanks for your work on this project.

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The ability to change the
The ability to change the node type was deprecated and removed.  AREDN nodes are always in MESH mode.
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Thank you for the information
Thank you for the information on this change.

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