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build develop-164 stability

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build develop-164 stability
Hi all, not sure if this is the correct forum to ask these questions :)

we have here a mesh network with 10 nodes of different HW types; we was running this network for nearly 2 months with the latest official SW release with a wonderfull stability... nearly no node faileure in two months.
Then we decided to try the delevop-164 build mostly to benefit from the extended statistics...

after the upgrade we have experimented a significant instability,  like blocked nodes.  We often have also  found the OLSRD daemon crashed.
We are trying to investigate and debug these issues....  

First question is if anybody else have experienced similar instability with this build..
Second question ... can anybody give any hint howto trace and debug these beheveure ?   The main problem is actually how to get any sort of postmortem dump because to restore normal operation it is necessary to reboot via power the device...

Thanks for any attention


You would be the first that I
You would be the first that I'm hearing of it.  I assume your following normal node standards and not modifying or adding any additional software to the nodes correct?

Rebooting clears all data, a node that fails needs to be looked at without rebooting to have any chance of obtaining useable information. Depending on the issue your seeing this can often be done from the local interfaces (you may need to telnet in.)  As of develop-162 the support tool can be run from the command line (/usr/local/bin/supporttool)

You can try grabbing support data files at intervals to see if there is any any information in them leading up to your failure, but no guarantees that will catch it.

If you can catch it and duplicate it a ticket should be opened in the AREDN ticket system ( ) to be acted upon.
Hi, thanks for the hints....
Hi, thanks for the hints....
The SW we run is just the one coming from the repository.
I will try to periodically run the support tool and try to see if anything meaningfull is coming out.

best regards
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Build develop-164 staibility
We have over 30 nodes of all types running develop 164.  I find it to be VERY stable - much fewer OLSR crashes on our units.  We have experienced issues with AirRouter upgrades - they don't seem to go smoothly in any cases.  The biggest problem seems to be getting the nodes upgraded.  I find that for best result, remove the tunnel and MeshChat modules, save and reboot the nodes IMMEDIATELY before upgrading.  This seems to minimize the memory issues during upgrade.  I know that the development team is working feverishly to resolve the OTA upgrade process, hence the reason for the long interval for the next development release.  One more reboot after successful upgrade may also be a good practice.
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Our build-164 stability.
We're only running a few nodes on the 164 nightly build. But basically, what Tom said :-D

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