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P-Link CPE710v2.6

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P-Link CPE710v2.6
Does someone know if the TP-Link CPE710v2.6 will be supproted anytime in the near future?
Or should I concede that I bought the wrong version and buy a different antenna say,
  • Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 Wireless Bridge (PBE-M2-400) or
  • MikroTik LHG HP5 Dual Chain High Power 24.5dBi 5GHz CPE Point-to-Point Integrated Antenna (RBLHG-5HPnD-US)
Bill - KQ6BIL
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CPE710 substitutes
Hi, Bill:

I recommend buying a different radio.
I like my Microtik LHG [,HP]5nD series installs very much.
The recommendation now is for 5ac gear.
I am unhappy that my [LHG,SXTsq,hAP]5ac gear seems to be limited to 54 TxMbps vice 130.0 TxMbps in my 5nD gear.
I have 8 LHG[,]5nD devices in service and
9 SXTsq[,HP]5nD in service and am very pleased with their performance.
I have 2 each LBE-5AC-Gen2-US on order.
I think the LBE-5AC-Gen2 are popular in California.

73, Chuck

CPE710 substitutes
Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your answer.  That is the help I needed.  I have ordered just one LBE-5AC-Gen2-US.  Thank you again.

73, Bill

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