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iperfspeed 0.6 not working on the latest production build installed on Mikrotik ac lite
73, Ian N8IK
Tried the latest version?

Ian, have you tried downloading and using the latest version of iperfspeed?  Doc link here that describes it.
Of course you always have the option of using the built-in onboard iperf3 service described in the doc link above, which does not require any additional packages but is native on the node.

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The latest version is 0.8 iperfspeed
Try the latest version:
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iperfspeed and meshchat both will not function for me after updating to The problem is,
we have over 80 nodes to manage, and I really don't have time to go back and re-download all this
software AGAIN.... I spent the past few months doing that, and I have larger tasks to complete at
this stage. We also had FOUR LDFs go offline after updating. I don't know if they're bricked, but
they do not respond to reboots. This is extremely disappointing. Also, I'm now having all sorts of
connectivity issues between tunneled nodes. I must have misunderstood what "stable release" meant.
This really really throws a wrench in the gears in our attempt to get the network installed in our
region. People can't understand why AREDN isn't well-adopted!? I have literally spent 6 months,
24/7 getting our area setup, and this puts us back almost to square one. Please let me know if you
hear anything more about this. I'm halting updating the rest of our nodes, a couple dozen trashed
nodes is enough for now.

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MeshChat 2.8 is current
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Thanks Tom.
Thanks Tom.
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iperfspeed, meshchat, managing 80 nodes, failed upgrades
Originally the thread was 'iperfspeed'.
Iperfspeed is not an AREDN package, but a package intended to be used in an AREDN network.
"The IperfSpeed...was written by Trevor Paskett K7FPV..."
Iperfspeed is a diagnostic tool which does not affect the function of an AREDN network.

Meshchat is not an AREDN package, but a package intended to be used in an AREDN network.
"MeshChat...was written by Trevor Paskett K7FPV"
I manage 1 active Meshchat server and 1 unpowered/backup Meshchat server each on a Raspberry Pi.
Our local network has 3 active and linked MeshChat servers; each individually managed.

Managing 80 nodes is way above my paygrade.
I am managing 17 of 67 nodes on our local AREDN network.

For assistance with Meshchat, failed upgrades, and managing 80 nodes I suggest separate forum posts each suitably titled.

73, Chuck


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