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mANTBox-19s flashing problem

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mANTBox-19s flashing problem
I try to flash my 2 mAntBox-19 Mikrotiks. Unfortunately, something seems to be wrong with the files. I downloaded the two -19 files from the nightly builds

I renamed the kernel file into rb.elf and flashed it to the device. Unfortunately, the administration tab shows:
Current Version: 2507-20703fc      Hardware Type: (ath79/mikrotik) mikrotik (routerboard-921gs-5hpacd-15s)

and does not accept the -19 file
Firmware CANNOT be updated
firmware file is not valid: firmware device match failed

the -15 and -19 kernel files are one byte different in length. But maybe there is an issue with the naming?

Andreas, HB9BLA
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From your description, it
From your description, it looks like you are updating an existing AREDN node as opposed to an initial flash from a RouterOS device.  Either that or you skipped a lot of steps in your description.  Assuming that is the case, you use the Sysupgrade file, not the kernel file.  The device believes it is a -15s so you have two choices.  One is to use the -15s file.  The other is on the Advanced Configuration page.  Near the bottom is a setting for "Dangerous Upgrade Disables".  Set that to On and save it.  Then on the Administration page, Upload Firmware with your aredn-2526-e8911a9-ath79-mikrotik-mikrotik_routerboard-921gs-5hpacd-19s-squashfs-sysupgrade file.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE grabbing the file you intend before clicking the Upload button.
Indeed, I made a beginner's

Indeed, I made a beginner's mistake. I had two different pxe/file directories on my PC and saved the -19 rb file in one directory but selected the other directory with the -15 rb file for flashing! I even tried it several times. But as usual, if you try ten times the same procedure, you should not expect different results ;-)
Now everything works. Thank you for your answer. It made sure that the problem was on my side.

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