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Connected to node - or not?

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Connected to node - or not?

Dear all
maybe someone can try to explain following strange effect:

  • I set up a Ubiquiti LiteBeam with latest firmware, worked perfectly. The LiteBeam is linked to a node on a hill top, approx. 18 miles away. I get a SNR of 23dB and a LQ/NLQ of 100%. All available remote nodes were listed.
  • Nevertheless, as soon as I tried to select one of the remote nodes or one of their services, their was no response.
  • Running a tracert - from different computers - showed that there was no connection to the hill top node -> at the same time the AREDN GUI said LQ and NLQ 100%.
  • Finally, after 2 days, I asked the sysop to try to connect from the hill top node to the LiteBeam. Guess what - that worked!
  • Now, even more strange -> after the LiteBeam was connected from the hill top node, I'm now able to connect the remote nodes and services!

I wonder how this is possible, or what was missing in this connection. Remote node is a Ubiquiti Rocket M5, and all devices are running on the latest firmware. I currently have no idea what could cause this situation. Maybe a bug in the .8 release?

Any help appreciated!
Thanks & best regards,


You may have run into a "deaf" node situation on the remote end. It's not visible from the local side other than no data flows--the connection appears up but is in reality, one-sided and looks like 0%/100% on the remote side. Upgrade to the nightly build on both sides, as this was fixed back in October.

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