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Possible LQM Bug?

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Possible LQM Bug?
Hey team,
I turned on all of my nodes to upgrade all of them to .8 and noticed something interesting in the LQM on one of the nodes.  It is showing a fellow 5G node on the same channel that has a DTD link twice.  It shows an RF link and a DtD link, and the RF link doesn't show as blocked in LQM.  Screenshot below.

Per my understanding of the documentation, I would have expected this nodes RF link status show "blocked - dtd".  As it is, it shows the RF as idle, and the DtD connection as active.  Maybe that is functionaly the same, but if that is the intention, that status text could be more clear.

These nodes have all been up for about 30 minutes, so I think LQM should have settled down by now.

Thanks all for the excellent support, both software and tech support.  This year have been a really awesome year for the progression of this project.
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I also just noticed one other
I also just noticed one other thing.  I changed the min_distance to 1 mile, and it doesn't appear to be adhering to that setting.  You can see there are a number of nodes that should be blocked, but have active RF connections.  I changed the setting and rebooted about 15 minutes ago, let LQM settle, and it came up with all of them active, even though I think they should all be RF blocked.  (This node gets an RF connection to Park Tower when there aren't leaves on the trees.)


This node is supposed to be a point to point to park tower.  When I bring the other rover and various other nodes into my house and power them up to update them, the additional links cause a mess and route flapping.  So this min distance setting, I believe, is the ideal way to solve this issue.  It just isn't working, at least not how I would expect it to.
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aredn.@lqm[0].min_distance: 9 meters

aredn.@lqm[0].enable was 'ON' on all the (7 test) devices.
I have a Ubiquiti PBE-M5-400 on a tower behind my unattached garage with a lat/long appropriate.
I had Mikrotiks: 3x SXTs and 3x LHGs in the house on the workbench with identical lat/log of the distant side of the house.
All Mikrotik devices had aredn.@lqm[0].min_distance: 9 meters.
After a while....
All of the Miikrotiks would link with the PBE-M5-400.
None of the (co-located) Mikrotiks would link with each other.
This was the expected and desired behavior.

73, Chuck


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Meters, not miles
From the docs:  

The minimum distance (in meters)

So when you specify 1, you are showing a minimum of 1 meter (not the 1 mile that you think you specified).
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Are all of your nodes in
Are all of your nodes in close proximity? YES! 

Posible that they are running at high power levels? 

Its likly that the radios are intermodulating on the LO. ? 

Try lowering the power level on the benchtop nodes. One of the first thing I do after the first reboot !(lower power level)! Lower the power level ASAP to the lowest level! Your exposing your self to a significant amout of RF energy! 
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"when you specify 1, you are
"when you specify 1, you are showing a minimum of 1 meter" This is definitely the problem! I thought it was either km or miles. Thank you. I checked the documentation but I guess I missed it. Perhaps this could be added to the title or the "?" box next to it for additional clarity. Thanks for the help.
Should be in NB in the near future

This and some other missing "units" were submitted to the development team several days ago. After approval it should show up in the nightly build in the near future.

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Thanks Steve.  I read through
Thanks Steve.  I read through that pull request and I think that makes many of those settings much more clear.
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I'm still unclear about why I
I'm still unclear about why I'm seeing the other dtd node on rf as well. Perhaps I have something setup wrong? I can share more info if that would be helpful.

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