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GL.inet USB 150

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GL.inet USB 150
I just received a new GL.inet usb150. Flashed it with latest firmware. I can see is in my wifi networks as meshnode2 but cannot access it to set it up.

Any help would be great. 

David AJ4PM


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USB150 first install

By default, AREDN flashed devices broadcast in  'ad hoc' mode on the network, not as an Access Point (AP).
(Client mode devices do not broadcast.)
To 'connect' with a default AREDN device you must be LAN connected or accessing it from another RF/DtD connected AREDN device.
By default, it is not an Access Point (AP), thus a Wi-Fi 'client' cannot access.

The USB150 should appear on your host computer as a [new] ethernet device, perhaps eth1.
If the host computer is already connected via eth0 or wlan0 (home network, wired or wireless),
access to the USB150 may not function as expected.
Please rephrase "Flashed it with latest firmware." to "Flashed it with aredn-" if true;
else what did you flash onto the device?
Tell us about your host computer Windows, Mac, Linux and how, exactly, you are attempting to access/view the web pages on your USB150.
Web browser: Location/address: -> http://localnode.local.mesh ?
or other?

I hope this helps,


usb 150
the USB150 only has a USB port
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Correct.  Plug the USB150
Correct.  Plug the USB150 into a USB port on your computer.  It will appear to the computer as a network device and the computer will get an IP address from the USB150.  Determine the IP address of the USB150.  The way I do that is to open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" (without the quotation marks).  Look for the new network connection and see what the gateway address is.  That will be the USB150.  Open a browser and point to that IP..
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Stale settings?

There was a previous thread:
Seems the GL.inet USB 150 can keep stale settings through flashing, and needs a reset to behave.

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also, you CAN access over
also, you CAN access over wifi when the node is in setup mode. (ie. if you see MeshNode2 in your wifi scan, it is in AP mode and requires you to connect to setup the device via http://localnode.local.mesh
After setup and reboot, the AP mode will disappear and be in mesh mode only.

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