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Bricked: GL-USB-AR150

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Bricked: GL-USB-AR150

Using the GUI I dragged-n-dropped
into the 'drag-n-drop' window in the GUI.
Auto-GUI-firmware reboot started and failed to restart.
I get no DHCP assigned address from the USB.
Cold boot failS.
I found this debrick instruction:
I found device enx00e04c360157
ifconfig enx00e04c360157
Still no response.

How do I debrick my GL-USB-AR150?

How do I, now, load [GL-iNet / aredn] firmware?


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Not the easiest to reset
Hi Chuck.  I had difficulty with something similar when I loaded my new USB150.  I was able to reset the device with a paperclip (after using a small drill to clear the poorly formed hole in its case).  I held the reset in while plugging it in to the USB port, then counted off 10+ seconds, then waited several minutes for it to reboot, and then unplugged it, then plugged it back in.  I'm not sure all that was necessary, but at least it worked for me.

You also need to uncheck the Keep Settings box.

See you at Hamvention!

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When I load the .bin file into the 'Firmware Uprade' section of the GUI and the unit GUI bar says something like "Unit rebooting, please wait XX more seconds." and then it usually never comes back on line - with the AREDN firmware, anyway.
I have will not switch to DHCP. I put my laptop's Ethernet on manual and I throw '' into the web browser and my NOCALL webpage comes up. Depending on your browser/OS you may have to type only "" into your browser for the NOCALL page to come up. Once I make my node changes and hit 'save changes' and reboot the node - that is when I change my laptop's Ethernet to DHCP and after the node reboots, bring it up on "http://localnode.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/status".
For whatever reason the GL devices don't give out DHCP 'more often than not' until it's modified and rebooted.

-Damon K9CQB

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Andre, Damon, Ken, M1BKF:

Doh! I didn't think about the iNet default

Device was not bricked.
It was still on in 'N0CALL' state. :-)

Laptop: ifconfig <ethernet device name>
I configured from NOCALL.
I set Node Name and Distance to Farthest Neighbor.
I omitted setting a Password, because I got admin access using
the admin password I set when I first booted this device in GL firmware.
Device auto-rebooted when I clicked 'Save Settings'.

I found the device still on, no DHCP, and still NOCALL.

Important! It appears that one must set a password.
I set Node Name, Distance to Farthest Neighbor, and password.
Device auto-rebooted when I clicked 'Save Settings'.

Rebooted laptop to clear static IP address.


Node responded to localnode:8080

Thanks, Y'all.

I see that folks are already coming up with innovative AREDN uses for this device.


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brick - not

I thought mine was bricked - I was doing power on reset etc.
At some point, I realized I had the laptop plugged into the WAN port. 
I moved the connection to the LAN port and there was "nocall" waiting for me ready to set up, DHCP and all.


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When you said the WAN port.
When you said the WAN port. What do you mean? I have only one lan cable that is plug into a switch.
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Stale settings.

When I flashed mine, I unfortunately kept the settings. This gave me a broken AREDN system on, without DHCP. I think it was the "plug in with the reset held" that wiped the stale settings and got a working, blank, system.

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 Mine is really brick. Unable
 Mine is really brick. Unable to get the reset to bring up an ip address.  I hold the reset button, plug it into the usb slot and count to 13 before releasing the paper clip. Anyone have any  other ideas?????
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After doing a reset again and
After doing a reset again and releasing the reset button after FIVE flashes. Website was the upgrade page from the vendor. Uploaded a new aredn image and  configuration. All is good.

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