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Identifying XM vs XW... after reflash

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Identifying XM vs XW... after reflash
Is there a way -without disassembling an AREDN reflashed  Ubiquiti node-  to determine what hardware version is inside (XM or XW)?

I ran into an instance where an existing  Aredn NanoStation M5 node was going to be DTD'd to another node.  I was trying to determine if the Secondary Port (XW) is what I was needing to connect to, or not (XM).   I looked in the AREDN setup screens and couldn't find any "hint" of what hardware circuit board was inside.

With the Ubiquiti  factory flash, the setup screen for node info shows "XM" or "XW"... but I couldn't locate any such identifier in the AREDN flash screens.

If it is there, point me in the right direction.
I don't have an XW device in
I don't have an XW device in front of me but I'm pretty sure it will show on the sysinfo page

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or http://localnode:8080/cgi
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Name your Node to include Board Version if "XW"
I have adopted a naming standard to include the board revision if a unit has an "XW" board.  Example: K1KY-NSM5XW-101, K1KY-RKM5XW-202,... etc.
I also now track the board revision in my equipment tracking spreadsheet no matter whether it is XM, XW or whatever. Makes MESH life much easier as we move on along.... T.D.
Was there ever a resolution to this question? I have an Airgrid that I want to upgrade but I do not know whether it is xm or xw. Barney K3LA
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Go to the Admin page
Easy.  Go to the Administration page and look at the section where you would go for a firmware update.  It will tell you the current version of firmware, AND the hardware type.  The example below is a XM.  If It's a XW it will specify XW. Firmware Update
current version: 353-79a57a0
hardware type: (ath79/generic) ubnt (rocket-m)
Different screen
When I go to that screen it shows firmware version but no reference to hardware. I compared to a node with the newest version and it shows the hardware but the earlier version does not. Barney k3la
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See next post of mine...
I'm calling foul on that statement.  You will see that every single one shows the hardware type:

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Well maybe not...
I just realized that you are showing an ANCIENT firmware version, so maybe it didn't show the hardware version that long ago.  However it it's that old, it's almost certainly XM.
That is correct

That was going to be my assumption but thought I would ask the experts. See screenshot below. It had been used several years ago but put away. Another node that I have of a different type with current software shows more information as you expected. Would loading the xm firmware cause I problem if I am wrong?  Thanks for your comments. Time to get to sleep. 73 Barney

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No.  It's simply won't load.
No.  It's simply won't load.
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The secret
AFAIK, for any flavor of hardware, if you go to http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/sysinfo, you can ascertain the version of the hardware.

Orv W6BI

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