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KB5UGF's picture chart feature appears non-functional with IE

I just upgraded my Bullet M2 with Using Internet Explorer, the activity wheel just spins endlessly. The chart feature works flawlessly when I use Firefox. IE is often needed for our mesh for the occasional ActiveX plug-in we use.
Addendum: I just duplicated this problem on a Nano Station M2, and with a different computer also using the IE browser.

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I saw the same thing on a
I saw the same thing on a brand new Rocket M5 when I selected the Archive button on that same page.  I assumed it was because it was a brand new install that had never seen another node.  I was using Firefox.
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Same results on a PowerBeam-M5-300
I get the same result on PowerBeam-M5300 running The realtime Signal is displaying in the background, but the Loading.... revolving circle just keeps spinning.. and spinning....  WIN10 v1809 IE 11.379.17763.0

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