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bricked Nanostation M2

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bricked Nanostation M2
Hi All,

I bricked the firmware on a NS M2 downgrade. Dose any one have expertise & willing to take the node and jtag flash it? Im willing to buy you a beer + shipping.

73 Mathison   
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You can send to my QRZ
You can send to my QRZ address, would take about 10 min.  I have a NSM2 serial console semi-permanently connected to the serial port of a raspi to monitor the bootloader actions.  I can swap the leads and re-flash. 

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Same, broken link to fix?
Hi Joe,
Sorry to bump this post, but I've been searching for the updated (or working) link; this one does not seem to work any more (I get a "Problem loading page" message)...
Is there an updated link?  I'd like to give the fix a try first.
jim kn6pe
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the site
the site was part of the hijacked domain and has not been directly replaced.
We do have the github issues page, forums, and the new online documentation (Under the DOCS menu on the site).

This may help also:
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unbrick references
The documentation has been incorporated to a number of sites.  Here's one from openwrt, scroll down:[]=unbrick

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