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Unbricking a Node by KD4RSX

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Unbricking a Node by KD4RSX
How to unbrick a Node when you see no IP address from the Node and AREDN U-Boot Test gives you error message when you Ping.
Things to look for on your Node AFTER you take it out of its case.
You need to look for the 4 pin Cmos Connection. (On my NanoBeam M2 I had to solder pins in the holes. Yes, I know, NanoBeam not supported but I unbricked it too.)
You need to find what pin is Ground with a continuity checker.
The pin next to it might be the Rx pin, then the Tx pin. The 4th pin might be +3V which is not used. (Make sure you know for sure which pin is the +3V so you don’t have a smoke show.) Remember, if you get no data you might have the RX and TX backwards.
Now look at the URT (pictured below) hardware for the GND, RX, TX.
The +3v and +5v are not used.
Hardware needed: (On Ebay they are about $1.)

CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Serial Converter Module 5P STC PRGMR with cable


You need PumKin software go here:
You need TeraTerm software go here:
After loading both software, set you computer to static IP.
IP: (Computer Port)
Gateway: (Node Port, Air Routers use 1.1)
Now plug in the URT to the USB.
Now open PumpKin Software.
Click on “Put File”
Go get the file you need to upload.
Type in Remote Host Field Box:
Do not click on OK yet!!!!
Go to TeraTerm
Open Serial Port
Set Port Number of the URT
Set Baud rate at 115200 (if you do not do this, you will have any data transfer.)
READ THIS 3 TIMES: Now plug in the power to the Node (POE J45) and watch for the 4 second countdown to auto boot. Hit any key during this time to stop it from going into auto boot.
Look for this! “Board: Ubiquiti Networks XM board
The software you want to upload depends on the board being an XM or an XW.”
After you get the 3???> promp, type in: urescue –f –e
It then should say it is waiting on file.
Go back to PumpKin and hit OK. If all goes well, you can sit back and wait a minute for it to complete file transfer and then the Node to do its thing.

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