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Zero degree downtilt omnidirectional MIMO 3.4 GHz antenna?

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Zero degree downtilt omnidirectional MIMO 3.4 GHz antenna?

Does anyone know if there is an omni-directional 3.4 GHz MIMO-capable antenna with zero degree downtilt?

I have two of the Ubiquiti 3 GHz antenna, but they have a pretty aggressive six degree downtilt which has proven to be unusable in my rooftop-to-rooftop installation.  The nodes are close enough together that the gain of an omni antenna will more than suffice. 

I have a few scenarios where I need to hop rooftops at roughly the same elevation, but the paths go off in many directions like NNE, east, and SW.   The other solution would be to set up multiple radios/antennas with sector coverage, but that drives the cost up.    

Thank you, and 73's,

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Found 3.4 GHz Omni dual polarity antenna- no downtilt

Hi, Collier:

Found: KP-23DOMNI-HV and KP-35DOMNI-HV.
Dealer found where you may request a quote: everythingrf.
Although three uTik LHG5s may have been a cheaper route.
Locally the trees limit rooftop circuits to about 1000' or so and
our only local successes with rooftops is with 900 MHz devices.
3 GHz has far fewer options than 5 GHz.
Would 'upping your game' to a tri-pod and 10' mast suffice?


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