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Yet Another Ubiquity Model - NanoStation M2 - Firmware?

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Yet Another Ubiquity Model - NanoStation M2 - Firmware?

Hi everyone,
Hope this is where I post this? :-}
Two other people as well as myself have googled and looked everywhere (including this site) on the internet for a confirmation of what firmware this NanoStation M2 US is supposed to work with.
"Loco" is not marked on the box or on any labels inside or out. I opened the unit and I do not see an XM or XW on any chip sets unless it is under the RF shield.
On the flat antenna panel inside is etched:
PS1000102A-KA  7/19
1 94V-0
E169497 1942

On the other PCBA are two stickers
KTA 2B4302
NSM2W000T00 LF

*1947K 6872517C6CA8 (This is obviouisly the serial number).

One chip inside says:

Another Large Chip:

AR8236-AL 1A

In white lettering on the PCBA is NSM2W

Anyone know what ARDEN firmware I should load into this.
Just not into bricking them for kicks. :-)
Thanks for the help!
de Bob KO6XX

Did you check the airOS factory page?
Hi Bob,
I always start by loading the Ubiquiti factory airOS firmware page in your web browser and logging in. Typically the address is and the username and password is ubnt for both.You need to agree to the terms and put the country in, and that will launch the home page for airOS.
This will give you the device model and name as well as factory firmware version, and mac address. I suggest you take a screenshot of the page.
This sounds like a NanoStation M2, but you can tell right away the physical difference between and Loco M2 and a NSM2: The NSM2 has two RJ-45 ethernet ports and the Loco has only one. The Loco is shorter in height and only has one place to put the zip tie.
For the NanoStation M2, you just need to see if the model you have is the older XM version or the newer XW version which will show up on the Ubiquity airOS Main webpage. There are only two factory images (XM vs XW) to choose between on the download pages for the NanoStation M2. They are near the bottom:

73, Brett

Will Check It Out
Hi Brett,
Thanks much for the information. I will do what you said and let you know here what I find.
de Bob KO6XX
Continuing the Journey
Hi Brett,
Thanks greatly for your help on this.
I have FINALLY been able to get all the hardware and the time I need including ordering a USB to Ethernet adapter. Sheesh!
Thank goodness I am still working, but putting in 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Christmas holiday days off!! Time to play!! :-)
Want this system to run on 12VDC, so bought small power injectors as well.
Was able to configure the Ethernet adapter and get into the firmware page.
They are a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 (2 Ethernet ports). Firmware says these US versions are XW.
The instructions say I need to use something like Tiny PXE? In the firmware page on the System Tab, top, is "Upload Firmware [Browse] No file selected"
Can I just use this instead of going through the Tiny PXE and command line?
Again, thanks Brett!


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