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XM vs XW

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XM vs XW
We are setting up a 5ghz link between a Nano and a Loco.  Since there is no support yet for Loco XW I am wondering if anyone has a source for the XM units, used or new.  Seems you are rolling the dice by buying off Amazon, Walmart, etc.
Any help appreciated.

I would suggest using that
I would suggest using that NanoStation  instead of the NanoStation Loco, the initial few dollars extra investment is worth it my book.  A little bit more and you get higher RF power and higher RF gain (you do loose a bit of beamwidth however)

NanoStation XW is fully supported in the release build (and a number of XW devices, including the NanoStation Loco are in testing support in the nightly build if you want to try that instead)
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I agree, the non-loco is just
I agree, the non-loco is just a few dollars more... and a better performer IMO.

When buying used from eBay, I contact the seller and ask if the unit being offered is XM or XW... and supply instructions to make the determination.  So far, I have always received a response.
Hello KG6JEI,
Hello KG6JEI,

What about the Air Grid XW - is that being supported yet?


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