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WRT54 DD-WRT Access

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WRT54 DD-WRT Access

Wanted to repurpose a couple of WRT54 routers to give wireless access into a Nanostation so I don't have to run long CAT5 around a room (trip hazard, at the least).
I'm not a networking guru, but I have some experience (I can flash to DD-WRT!  Gotta count for something, right?  Haha)
Layout is :

Laptop/IP Phone 1 = = WRT 2 > < Wireless > WRT 1 = = NS2M>> < Wireless > < Bullet = = Simple Switch = = PBX
IP Phone 2 = = WRT 3 > < Wireless > ^^^^^^       \\= IP Phone 2  

== : CAT5
< > ^ : Wireless Links
WRT 1 WAN port goes to the NS, and is the main router, giving IPs to the downstream computer and phones.

Got the linking set up between the routers with WDS, and I can see through to the other nodes, but the IP phones seem to be an issue.
They connect and register to the PBX okay (FreePBX on a Pi), and I can see the PBX to configure it from the far end, but phones can't call each other.
I swopped phone 2 wired direct to the simple switch and then phone 1 could call and send audio to phone 2, but phone 2 couldn't call phone 1, or even send audio when phone 1 initiated the call.
My guess is that this is a port forwarding issue.

To try and keep a long story short-ish, I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible to deploy.
I don't want to need to do a big reconfigure on the routers if things get set up with a different NS, for example.

The basic use for the setup is to do Field Day logging (N3FJP), with phones and maybe another service or two.
I want a wired network out of the computer because I know mapping network drives can be tricky with wireless first segments (i.e. they drop occasionally) for logging software.

Is this essentially a futile effort?  Should I just get an AirRouter or two instead?
Just want the ability to setup two or more workstations in the same large room, but physically separated.  It's mainly a proof of concept for potential future deployments when we have a true multi-site network around town.
I know the AR will do this, and with our Field Day setup, even a low power AR would probably see the entire network as everything is fairly close, though some is outside the building.
Mainly was hoping to reuse the existing WRT's.  I suppose they could just become basic APs; useful if we need to get tablets or something into the network.

Sounds like your WRT's are
Sounds like your WRT's are running in NAT mode are either are not configured to handle the SIP packets and to open/ forward the ports as needed.
Using a WRT-54 Router

I recently located a few WRT-54 Routers that are Version 3, which according to an earlier list, are able to be re-flashed to be used on 2.4 Mhz Chan 1.
Your comment is encouraging that these units can be used for local Mesh Network on a Field Day Site, and/or access to a backbone  Ubiquiti  Unit.
Comments Please.

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