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Wrong Firmware for Ubiquiti NBM3

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Wrong Firmware for Ubiquiti NBM3

I'm new to AREDN and located in a zone where there is only 3 GHz coverage.  It took me awhile to find a 3 GHz radio and antenna, but I just acquired a Ubiquiti Nanobridge M3 and KPP dish reflector.  I was following the online instructions from this site, but could not get the AREDN firmware to load, it always errored out. After reading about similarities between the NBM3 and the Nanostation M3 I decided to try loading that firmware instead.  And Voila! It worked!

I now have my radio configured as an AREDN node and will be setting up and aligning the dish reflector later this week. As I work toward that, I recommend you revise the AREDN Stable Firmware page to list the Nanobridge M3 in the same block with the Nanostation M3 (XM).

73, WO6BRO (Scotty)


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Thank you for the report.  

Thank you for the report.   The downloads page has been corrected.

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