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WNY AREDN Initiative

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WNY AREDN Initiative

Greetings WNY HAMS!

My name is Sean (K2HAK) and while I'm a relatively new HAM operator, I'm interested in getting some AREDN nodes deployed throughout the Western New York region and need your help!

My background is in IT, specifically information security with interest in network design and architecture, so naturally mesh networking over amateur radio is right in my wheelhouse. I'm hoping there is interest in a collaborative effort to get AREDN going in our region. 

I'm looking to reach out to the various radio clubs local to me (Niagara Radio Club and Lockport) to see if there is any interest at the club level to get this idea off the ground. Also, our friends just across the border in Ontario, Canada have nice deployment going up there so I'd like to reach out them as well

If anyone at all is interested, let's get this going!

Looking forward to making this happen.

-Sean K2HAK  


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Welcome!  (again!)  ;-)
Welcome!  (again!)  ;-)
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Look North
Hi Sean,

Welcome to mesh networking and AREDN. You might look at the AREDN map. There are a number of people in Ontario who are active. You might reach out to them and maybe get something going.

73, Mark, N2MH
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AREDN Interest

Hey Sean!

I realize this is very old now but I just came across this stuff in the last week or so.  I'm very interested in trying out this technology!  I have ordered some hardware to experiment with in fact with more pending the outcome.  I am in Genesee County so it could be interesting connecting our two counties!

73, Dean, KC2MVB

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