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WL2K and Raspberry PI

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WL2K and Raspberry PI
Is there anyone in the Forum that uses a RPI4 on the Mesh Network to connect to WL2K?
I have the following set up:
  1. RPI 4 running PAT-Mail
  2. WL2K Post Office running on computer connected to a hAP AC lite that is connected to my home router for internet access
  3. Computer is W-10
  4. Latest upgrades on RPI
I can connect to WL2K from the RPI (PAT-Mail) if connected to the hAP’s 5ghz access point but not while RPI is connected to other local nodes. I have to connect to the hAP via 5 ghz access point only.
I am also not able to connect P2P from PAT-Mail.
I have watched the videos of KM4ACK about loading PAT-Mail and setup but am still not able to get everything working.
I noticed yesterday that with WiFi turned off on the RPI and another node wired to RPI I cannot connect to the connected node.
I am not very familiar with Linux or RPI workings but I do have another RPI 4 running FREEPBX on the Mesh (20 nodes and 10 phones)
Any help or direction is appreciated.
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Not quite the same

Sorry, this does not really match your query.
I do not 'connect' to any WinLink2000 server.

I run G8BPQ's pilinbpq +node+bbs+rms and it is a service on the local AREDN network.
Folks can send and receive Winlink email (and packet messages and telnet)
from any web browser anywhere on our local AREDN network.
If local folks run Winlink2000 and are connected to our local AREDN network,
their WL2K will auto-magically discover this RMS with  a click.

73, Chuck

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Thanks, Chuck. I might give
Thanks, Chuck. I might give that a try if I cant the PAT-Mail to work.

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