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Wirelessly connect my internet to my node

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Wirelessly connect my internet to my node

Greetings Folks, Super newbe here, I have been searching the articles for a few days trying to understand how to solve my delima. I find lots of great articles but they don’t address my specific situation. I have 2 issues I am trying to resolve.

Issue 1: 
I have my Node on my roof, and a wired lan from my roof into my master bedroom. My comcast internet gateway enters my home in my basement away from where my node is. I need to be able to be connected to my node and still have internet. Running wireless and Ethernet is not working it seems when I run Ethernet to my node my everything I try to do runs through my mesh.

Issue 2:
How can I set all this up so that I can connect to my mesh node with my cellphone or tablet wirelessly.

My thoughts I just dont know if will work!
I have an unused apple airport, connect my node to my apple airport’s WAN
Wirelessly configure my airport to be a bridge from my comcast cable modem/wireless router.

Is their any reason why I can’t do this? If I cant can someone share with me a simple solution in simple terms?



Well first off if you haven’t

Well first off if you haven’t already tried unchecking the Default Route checkbox on the mesh node setup page and saving, this should cause the mesh node to be preferred only for the network segments that are on the mesh instead of all network segments this means when your plugged into your mesh node via Ethernet and then wireless to your home network only mesh network traffic should go down the Ethernet (which as you have found out is normally preferred over wireless)

Issue 2 is as simple as putting a wireless access point attached to the mesh node to share another WiFi Network.

Your third issue is a bit closer to this:


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