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Wireless AP Into Node

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Wireless AP Into Node
Trying to connect a WRT54 with DD-WRT firmware to a node to allow regular wired/wireless laptops, etc. access but don't seem to have any luck.
All I can seem to find is this thread (reply 3-4) :
I've tried putting it into the LAN port, but I'm not getting anywhere.

Must be a setting somewhere I need to change, but apparently my networking knowledge isn't enough to get it going.

Think of the mesh node the
Think of the mesh node the same as a Cable Modem or DSL Modem from a setup standpoint with a router:

You will want to run the router (wrt device) as an Wireless Access Point (WAP) and the "WAN" of the router would plug into the Ethernet port of the mesh node or to a switch plugged into the mesh node.
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I found that I needed to
I found that I needed to disable DHCP assigment by the AP and allow connected devices to get their IP addresses from the mesh node.  You should not need to do any VLAN switching. 
I thought it might need to

I thought it might need to use the WAN port, seemed logical, but that other post said LAN, so I just went with it.

Not sure if I'll disable the DHCP, but that's easy enough to do on a case by case basis.


If an AREDN mesh node detects
If an AREDN mesh node detects a DHCP server while starting on its LAN port it will disable its onboard DHCP server to avoid interfering with the local network.
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Don't disable DHCP on the
Don't disable DHCP on the devices you want to connect to the WRT54 but do disable the DHCP server in the WRT54. You will likely need to set it as a Access Point to do this and this should allow the mesh node DHCP server to issue IP addresses to the connected devices. You may also need to set a fixed IP address for the WRT54 to achieve this. 

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