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Wireguard VPN tunnels

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Wireguard VPN tunnels
The Wireguard VPN was recently added to the latest AREDN nightly builds.  Not only is it more secure, preliminary testing shows that it's noticeably faster.

Requirements - you have to be on a currently nightly build (as does the node on the other end of the tunnel), and the port forwarding requirements for the server end are different.   The documentation is here: In it search for Wireguard.

Give it a shot!

Orv W6BI
Wire Guard tunnels and FCC Rules
Hello ARDEN Team, I remember there being a FCC rule in ham radio about using encryption and it not being allowed. VPN will fall into this category. I would look the rules over before going full bore with this feature or get some help from the ARRL. Steven Harvey N8RLW
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Since the tunnel is not being
Since the tunnel is not being carried over ham radio, that does not apply.

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