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Windows 10 networking of N1MM+

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Windows 10 networking of N1MM+

Is there anything about networking N1MM+ using Windows 10?  I had it working using BBHN on Windows 8.1 but now am updating to AREDN and Windows 10.

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I'm also interested in using N1MM on AREDN for field day.

My club (LARG) isn't doing field day this year, but we will next year and it will be bigger and better than ever. I would like to use AREDN nodes to connect all of the stations to the local N1MM server. I didn't think it would be too difficult, but I must get it sorted out before next year.
-Damon K9CQB

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this should be super-simple

this should be super-simple using USB150's

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Field Day logging

At the Fair Lawn ARC Field Day last year, we successfully used a temporary AREDN mesh network to tie the four N1MM logging stations together and display the activity on a fifth station in our site publicity booth. Jim W2JC and I are going to do this again this year with some refinements. 

I've tried this setup and my

I've tried this setup and my three computers on different AREDN nodes don't see me see each other.  They can see each other when on the same network (of course).  Did you configure any advertised services or forward any ports to allow the computers to see each other?  I would think you would need port forward 12060 UDP to all the computers running N1MM, correct?

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N3FPJ Field Day Logging with AREDN

The Seneca Radio Club W8ID has successfully been using the AREDN Mesh Network for several years to log our 3A Field Day operation.  This year we tried something different.  Rather than have all three stations collocated, we set up for Field Day at Hedges Boyer Park in two shelters and a third remote tent.  The three stations were separated by several hundred feet.  The shelters were each equipped with a Ubiquity Bullet M2 Titanium with a gain antenna along with one or more Ubiquity AirRouter HP nodes.  Due to the longer distance to the third station in the tent, we deployed a pair of Ubiquity AirGrid M2 units each pointing back to the shelters and the Bullet Nodes.  Each location also had a Hamshack Hotline VoIP line on the network along with a laptop for N3FPJ logging.  The two shelter locations were also running a large screen display of our real time results via N3FPJ.  Internet connectivity to support the Hamshack Hotline service was accomplished via a Go Box using a Cellular Hotspot servicing both an AirRouter HP and  hAP AC Lite nodes and another Hamshack Hotline.  The HotSpot also serviced a tunnel connection back to my shack in Fremont in Sandusky County for remote monitoring of our real time stats and overall Mesh Network health.

Throughout Field Day we experienced near flawless operation.  We had one Ethernet cable detach which was immediately observed on the N3FPJ screen.  And a strange situation that plagued the Hamshack Hotline in the tent.  I suspect this was something related to the dual path with the pair of AirGrids at that location.  At times a call could not be made to this station although it was always able to initiate a call back to the other locations.
Overall I think our Field Day deployment went very well and with the exception of the loose connection and the anomaly with Hamshack Hotline, everything performed as expected with great success and excellent signal paths.
Jim W8ERW 

Would you share how you were

Would you share how you were able to have all the computers connected and using the logging software. I've been asked to set up an AREDN network for winter field day 2020. Any help is appreciated. Pictures of screens etc. thanks. Bill,

Bump for information too.  I

Bump for information too.  I've setup a test network in the lab and can't seem to get the N1MM stations to see each other over the WAN.  I can on the same subnet over the LAN when connected to the same node...I'm suspect I need to forward port 12060, but not sure if I should use an advertised service or port forwarding and giving the N1MM a static IP on each end.

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Check the N1MM forum

This isn't an AREDN issue.  I recommend taking the question over to the N1MM support forum.

Andre, K6AH

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I took a scan in the N1MM

I took a scan in the N1MM documentation.   If you put all the computers running N1MM logging on the same 'subnet', no special configuration settings are needed.  This means they need to be on the LAN of the same AREDN mesh node.  See this section:

Multi-Computer and Multi-Op Contesting

"You no longer need to enter computer names and IP addresses when networking on a typical LAN. When networking is turned on, N1MM Logger+ detects the presence of computers on the same subnet that are running the same version of N1MM Logger+, and automatically connects to them. You will be warned if there are discrepancies in contest or multi-op class among the computers, so that you can correct them."

However, if you have N1MM loggers on computers on the LANs of different AREDN mesh nodes, you'll need to enter the names of the remote loggers so they can find each other.  Look through this section of the N1MM documentation:

“Distributed” Multi-Ops (IARU Headquarters stations, for example)
It is possible to set up N1MM Logger to allow some or all of the other stations outside your LAN to communicate over the internet. Possible uses for this feature are: Headquarters (HQ) stations in the IARU contest and distributed special event stations.


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