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Willamette Valley Mesh Expansion and Activities March 2021

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Willamette Valley Mesh Expansion and Activities March 2021

Hello from Salem, Oregon and the Willamette Valley,

Since my last posting here in November 2019, we have continued to expand our AREDN mesh network.
Currently 115 nodes are connected. Most nodes are active full time.
We use the default SSID  AREDN-10-V3 and most areas are using 10 MHz channel width on part 97 frequencies.

We have added new stations  in  Eugene (Lane County), Corvallis (Benton), Dallas (Polk), Linn, Marion, Clackamas, Multnomah and Yamhill Counties.
Many of these nodes may not appear in the AREDN static map because we tend to test stations in different locations.

We have a website which mirrors our live KG6WXC meshmap, so you can see current connections. The website also lists some of the services we use and are testing.

We are looking to create more RF connections on 5.8 GHz as we move North into Portland metro areas.
We are looking for suitable tower locations and installations to connect RF  users in Clackamas County to our new Woodburn (KJ7TAD) hub.
We were notified the Washington County 3.4 GHz Mesh at Intel is transitioning to  new 5.8 GHz stations.and will be looking to connect to the rest of the mesh via RF.

TheEugene Valley Radio Club Packet Hackers group is starting strong with a core group of testers using tunnels and creating RF links in their region.
Once suitable hills and towers are located, we hope to connect Benton and LInn Counties by RF. I introduced them to the mesh network by screen sharing the mesh operations over a Zoom meeting.

We are expanding our  FreePBX installations into Eugene and Linn County so that we have a statewide dialing plan over trunked PBX devices.

Upcoming exercises for Auxcom/ARES will be using Winlink, VoIP, and file transfer to help CERT teams communicate from Salem to Woodburn.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, normal exercises at EOCs, and community events have been postponed.

The AREDN mesh survived two natural disaster scenarios in Oregon: Multiple wildfires in October 2020 and Feb 2021 ice storms created widespread power outages over 8 counties.
The mesh remained operational through these challenges, but we learned that backup power is hard to maintain over days, so we lost some key RF link nodes, but still retained functional services in individual counties. Surprisingly, tunnels were probably more resilient than remote RF towers.
We were not activated by County agencies for Auxcom duties, but used the mesh resources to help amateur operators with situational awareness.
For example, the live mesh map could tell us whether an area was without power if that station lost connectivity.

Brett, KG7GDB
Please join us:


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South Willamette Valley Mesh testing

Greetings all!

I will be activating 5.8 GHz Nano-station every night this week except Friday from approximately 20:00 to 20:30. The antenna will be located approx 15 feet above ground level atop Blanton Heights in south Eugene. (The KVAL upper north parking lot.) The AREDN ID is N7ZWS-M5-04-A4.

I will not have a computer connected to it, but I will be monitoring 146.680 MHz pl 100 and 146.72 MHz pl 100.

Everyone is highly encouraged to point an antenna to the south end of the valley and check for a signal.

N7ZWS, Milton

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