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Wifi booster?

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Wifi booster?

Would this be legal or desirable on the output of say a 2g Rocket or similar?

I'm pretty sure I'll receive negative responses, but I'm curious to hear what they are. 


KG6JEI comes up using the forum search feature.

The comment about distortion vs claimed power is a key one to take into account.  

I find the spec sheet on the one you link to interesting in that it claims 36dbm Max out, but it only amplifies 13db and has a max input of 20dbm the numbers don't add up making it VERY suspicious. On top of that the 28dbm figure point they use (which means assume this is the sweet spot) is the same as a Rocket puts out natively.

Note that the 3% EVM is for 802.11g as shown for 28dbm output of the amplifier it is right at the limit of 802.11n and leaves absolutely no room for the rocket onboard chip to have any, meaning that you will likely be distorted per the above link. (

Its possible for a good amplifier to exist, but the odds will be its in the $500-1000$ each range (and you will need two of them for each rocket on each end and the phase timing needs to be matched between the two
at each site)

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