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WIFI access

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WIFI access

I need some help with seting up a wifi access to the Aredn network. I have a Netgear GS105e setup with a WAN port. Not sure on how to setup up the access. It is a Ubiquiti Bullet2. Maybe this has been addressed and I'm looking in the wrong spot. Thanks for the help

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This may help
If your Netgear GS105e is setup like the the example here
1) with your Bullet's PoE injector LAN cabled to Port 1 on the Netgear switch (Mesh Node Ain the diagram)
2) with an Ethernet cable from the Netgear switch port 5 (WAN) to a router port on you home network
3) and looking at the main page on your Bullet when you go to localnode:8080 you take note of the WAN address the Bullet gets from your home network router - probably something like
4) You should be able to access the Bullet from a computer that uses the wireless access point on your home network with any browser pointing to, for example

Does this help with your situation or did you have something else in mind?
No luck
Tried what you suggested and no luck. Not used my home network but using a Bullet 2 (wifi) in to Netgear GS105 and back out to the Bullet M2. Not sure if i'm setting up the Bullet 2 correct. I did follow the setup for the netgear. 

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